Journey to my happy place

From running away from kitchen to now loving it, I have grown up to be a responsible adult. Life changes with time and it changes us as a person as well.

I have been one of those girls who hated cooking. Yes, I hated to cook so much that I planned to feed my husband those “instant noodles” for the rest of his life. However my husband might have did some good deeds in his past life that I had a change of heart and actually started cooking.

I have my fair share of disasters and failed experiments in kitchen. I have fed burnt pulses, salty as dead sea qeema and overcooked chanay etc. But all in my failed experiments I had something to learn and the next time I cooked it was better than what I did last time.

One thing that kept me moving was constant support from my mother in law and my poor husband. I have fed him the most inedible food for which he never really complained. If it’s even remotely edible he would appreciate me, and when I cooked something tasty he would praise me with each bite. Yes that’s the power of appreciation that a girl like me who hated to cook now take pleasure in trying out new recipes.


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